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Excel Files Data Cleaning Utility 6.5.2


     Category: Business / Word Processors

Description of
Excel Files Data Cleaning Utility
Excel Files Data Cleaning Utility is useful excel addins to remove duplicate. You can clean your tedious data in excel easily by using its commands which are specially developed to give you the power of automation. You can remove extra spaces, duplicate, digits, alphabets or any text from selected cells or records. You can clean or remove duplicate in excel easily by using its commands. You can remove duplicate or any text from selected cells or excel sheet.
You can clean or remove Leading, Trailing & Extra Spaces in Excel. You can also Prevent the excel sheet, column, rows or cell from Duplicate by using its duplicate Preventer command. You can also remove, format and count duplicate & unique entries in excel. It processes thousands of records and cells within a minute which saves your precious time and money. In brief, Data Cleaner is a valuable addin to automate cleaning tasks like duplicate removal, formatting and counting task for Excel with quality and speed. It is very best and accurate data remover for excel.

Excel Files Data Cleaning Utility is a useful excel utility to text cleaner or remove duplicate or extra space remover in excel sheet in a minute with great accuracy. It is best tool for remove duplicate data in excel. It can color the duplicate rows and also remove the unique rows in minute. You can also remove empty excel sheets. It is also a change case utility for excel.
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Excel Files Data Cleaning Utility
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Author: Window India
License: Shareware
Price: $39
File Size: 1.3 MB
Downloads: 82

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